Technical Capabilities

Comair Rotron has extensive development capabilities that allow us to be a full service provider to our customers.  We are an engineering-based company and are able to design, develop, gain approvals, and manufacture integrated custom cooling solutions based on the customer’s individual cooling specifications.  All solutions incorporate internationally recognized standards in their designs.
A Comair Rotron turnkey solution can include a complete assembly comprising fans, controllers, blowers, impellers, PCB’s, plastic moldings, sheet metal enclosures, wiring harnesses, RFI suppression, air filtering or whatever your thermal needs dictate.
Below is a description of our engineering design and test capabilities:

  • CAD/CAM Software
    • Pro/ENGINEER Solid Modeler with Sheet Metal Option
    • Solid Works 2011
    • MetalSoft
    • Floworks
    • PADS PCB Layout and Schematic Capture Software
    • ANSoft
  • Environmental Testing Capabilities
    • -73°C to +200°C Environmental Chamber
    • Life Test Chambers
    • Shaker/Vibration Tester
    • Salt Fog Chamber
    • AMCA Certified Air Flow Chambers (AMCA Std 210)
    • Reverberation Sound Measurement Room
  • Airflow Testing
    • Air Flow Test Chambers
    • Certified to AMCA Std 210
    • Capable of Measuring from 0 to 3000 CFM
    • Static Pressure up to 11.0 inches H20
  • Acoustical Sound Testing
    • Reverberation
    • Sound Measurement Room
    • Full Octave Band Width Measurement
    • INCE compliant test enclosure